2013 Kenya Gala

Building Friendships, Brightening Futures:
A BIG thank you to all of our friends who support us
and joined us for the the Kenya Gala 2013!

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More than 650 guests attended the 2013 Kenya Gala at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott on October 26. The gala's theme "Building Friendships, Brightening Futures," represents the relationships and growth the AMPATH program has seen over the past 23-years. The AMAPTH program (Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare) began as a partnership between Indiana University School of Medicine and Moi University School of Medicine and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. Now the AMPATH Consortium includes nine additional North American academic institutions-many were represented at the gala. Also present were several Kenyan dignitaries and colleagues.

IU President Michael McRobbie bestowed the IU Presidential Medal of Excellence on Dr. Joe Mamlin, one of the four AMPATH founders, who has lived in Eldoret, Kenya, with his wife Sarah Ellen since 2000. Dr. Adrian Gardner and his wife, Jessica, also received recognition as Dr. Gardner was named the AMPATH Executive Field Director last year.

Last month, President McRobbie visited AMPATH in Eldoret, Kenya. Being the first sitting IU President to visit AMPTH since inception, President McRobbie confirmed the powerful proverb that seeing is different than being told. He said at the gala on Saturday that the the images of crowded medical wards and children exposed to HIV will not be quickly erased from his memory.

"AMPATH…is a truly inspirational program," said McRobbie. "It has had an enormous impact, both on the lives on Kenyans and the faculty and students-from the IU School of Medicine and from around North America-who have dedicated themselves to helping the people of Kenya."

"Every three years the IU Center for Global Health hosts a gala to honor the work of the AMPATH Consortium. It is a magnificent homecoming for those who have been to Eldoret to reunite as well as a wonderful opportunity to introduce new friends to the program," said Dr. Bob Einterz, Director of IU Center for Global Heath and Executive Director of the AMPATH Consortium. "We are pleased to have such an overwhelming positive response to the gala and to our program."