Kwaheri (Goodbye) to Kenya by Rap

"Would you prefer the happiness of scratching a mosquito bite over the happiness of not having a mosquito bite in the first place?"

-Sogyal Rinpoche (From "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying") 

So the end has come. Eight short weeks seemingly flew by as I immersed myself in this beautiful culture with its rich history, kind people, and welcoming environment. I have grown as an individual, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and unfortunately a little physically (as evidenced by my expanded waistline). With experience under my belt, I now have no doubt that my future as a physician will always have some kind of role in international medicine.

As my final assignment, Astrid asked for a reflection piece, and so I wrote a rap (see below). It works best with RATATAT's "Loud Pipes" which is how I performed it at the fireside chat. I'm a fool for putting it up but the video is available here.

Now I head to the coast, specifically to the small village of Shanzu, to work with a charity I am a co-founder of (Community Light Programme). I will spend two more weeks there before heading back to America, and school a couple days later.

I will miss this place.

Thanks for reading and joining me on my adventures. Kwaheri for now!


Karibu Kenya

Let me tell you about a girl by the name of Tirajeh, curly topped chick eats everything with Saracha

My rhymes be flowin' though I ain't Jay-Z, I took a path in life that's nowhere near easy

Studyin' on the daily cuz a doc I want to be, with some help from flashcards barely passed anatomy

Plan's to work with women and delivery, kinda like Astrid, she the queen bee

So I fly over seas to the land of Obama, where e'rbody says mzuri sana

Knock, knock, hodie, hodie

Feelin' fresh and new, hear a sweet response of, "Jambo! Karibu!"

First surprise right off the plane is the chillly temperature which is insane

But it be okay that the ground is high cuz it let the Kenyan runners touch the sky

Next surprise is my gangsta's paradise, a one room attic that got me hypnotized

Livin' in the hostel is a rite of its own, gotta take cold showers and don't you dare moan!

Working on them thighs with the squattie pottie, burnin' off the fat from eating chapatti

Place to place comes ma ori-en-tation, seein' all the hard work and dedication

Spendin' half a day working the land, at the AMPATH farm I lend a hand

Buy a couple things at Imani, learn the word for hope, Tumaini

Round a few times as I walk the walk, present a few things at Sally test talk

Spend half a day with THE Joe Mamlin, I find myself in awe and sometimes ramblin'

It be cool to see what started with two and many years later a really big crew

Now comes the part that ain't always funny, gonna give it straight, no coatin' in honey

There's been a few things that really pained me, like couple babies dyin' while workers drank tea

I try to understand and not just criticize, culturally conscious, I open up my eyes

But sometimes it hurts when there ain't no care and all you get from doc is an empty blank stare

Lack of empathy, man it drives me crazy! Is it really that or they bein' lazy?


Rhymes got me outta breath, dry mouth from flowin, feelin' like death

Time to drift away from sadness in my rhyme, freshen up and smile like it be Tusker time

Tell you 'bout anotha thing I did whilst here was teach med students 'bout patient centered care

Loved the experience of hearing their thoughts, on Americans, the West, and times they got lost

Final bit to cover is my work at the Port, looking through data that we tryin' to sort

Five hour drive with a rockin' team, Justus, Monica, & Kelsey, you guys a dream!

Evaluating the chamas, a type of group care, helpin' mamas in places where help can be rare

So that's my story in eight short weeks, you got it here first an' not from Wiki Leaks

I'll take my exit it's time I see, I'll leave you in style, Kwaheri!