3 Pillars to Achieving Population Health


AMPATH will make health care achievable and sustainable for all through Population Health’s three pillars:

I.   Empowering the community’s economic strengths

Increasing the number and impact of community groups that support income generation, local savings and loan (table banking), financial literacy, food production, nutrition and healthcare. 

·         30,000+ people mobilized into community groups

·         2,000 groups formed since 2010

·         $5 Million+ mobilized through AMPATH social infrastructure

·         20,000 metric tons of food sold by 85 farmer groups

·         38 business hubs created

II.   Creating a seamless care system

Providing primary and specialty care for families, mothers and kids and using AMPATH’s electronic medical records system

·         500+ clinical care sites

·         90,000 HIV-positive patients in care

·         270,000+ screened for heart disease

·         Over 5,000 cancer patients treated each year

III.   Providing Universal Health Insurance

Ensuring families can afford and access health care through an insurance plan with robust benefits.  

·         $5 – monthly cost of coverage per family

·         Benefit package: inpatient and outpatient coverage, maternity, dialysis, chemo and radiation, diabetes, hypertension, laboratory tests, surgery