Art aids healing: New Chronic Care Center in Kenya

Beautifying surrounds rather than drab gloomy hospital walls is a growing trend in western countries. And not without reason, there is research that shows brightening hospital atmosphere with artwork can speed patient healing while gloomy walls can actually cause distress. AMPATH has taken the art approach with the design of the new Chronic Care Center in Eldoret.  This new 100,000 square foot facility funded by private philanthropy is scheduled for completion at the end of January 2015. The radiation oncology wing will complete in April of 2015.


The new facility has been designed with an appreciation for the positive affect light, fresh air, color and art have on the spirit of patients and their families. Architect Geoffery Njihia, Atticspace Architects, Nairobi, has introduced a series of welcoming colors throughout the facility.  There are three large open air courtyards that render soothing colors and will soon be complimented by interior landscaping.  All areas of the building have natural light and natural ventilation which gives enhances comfort throughout the entire facility.  The colorful walls will be complimented by a series of art pieces designed and created by Imani Workshops in Eldoret.  Scott Van Kirk of Imani Workshops noted that these large mixed media pieces were designed with the intent of bringing the natural beauty of Kenya into the facility.  These pieces of art will available for purchase with the proceeds benefiting patients of lesser means.

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