Eli Lilly and Company makes largest product donation to AMPATH to date

For more than a decade Eli Lilly and Company has partnered with AMPATH to provide medicine for diabetes, cancer, and mental health patients in western Kenya. Prior to the partnership, all too frequently patients were turned away in AMPATH clinics due to lack of medicine. Today, Lilly’s product donations are saving the lives of thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa. This year, Lilly made its largest product donation to date delivering more than $18 million worth of medicine to the people of Kenya.

As expected, there can be challenges working with other countries on shipments and deliveries of this magnitude. Often in past years this process was held up, which only delayed the delivery of these life-saving medications. However, instead of accepting these delays as status quo, or deciding to no longer donate products because it was just too difficult, Lilly stepped in to develop a solution. Thanks to Lilly’s facilitation working with the Kenyan government, this year’s shipment arrived expediently and securely to ensure the medicines reach patients as soon as they possibly can. Lilly saw the problem and worked with AMPATH to develop a solution—now,  the groundwork has been paved for future product donations to arrive as seamlessly as they did this year, ensuring the medicine is delivered more efficiently to those who need it most. Lilly is a unique AMPATH partner. In addition to its longstanding product donations and financial support, AMPATH is exploring more partnership opportunities in the future.  Asante sana, Lilly!

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