Kenyan Students Spend Rotation at AMPATH's North American Partners

More than 340 medical and dental students from Moi University have completed elective clinical rotations at North American academic health centers that are part of the AMPATH Consortium. This year, Brown University, Duke University Indiana University, Mount Sinai and the University of Toronto welcome 17 learners.

Meet the students and learn more about what they hope to learn during their rotation:

Brown University

Omar Abubakar: To experience a different health care system and broaden my knowledge about the world.

Ahmed Ali Dawood: Learn how to practice world-class medicine with the aim of utilizing the learned skills to better the standards of health care in my home country.

Norvick Wamocho: I expect to learn practical skills that will improve how I manage patients in terms of my interactions, how I examine them, come up with differentials and treat them as a whole entity.

Risper Rerimoi: My goal is to learn the different approach to management of patients especially on the diseases common in the US.

Harold Omondi: I hope to experience and learn the medical conditions that are found in the western world and the physician approach to these conditions.

Duke University

Brian Aberi : My expectation is to gain insights into alternative and emerging approaches towards management of non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, to share with colleagues and apply in the course of my career as well as to learn of the practices at Duke to apply in the course of [my] career.

Ruby Mudenyo:  I'm hoping to learn as much as I can, right down from advancements in technology used to work up a patient to targeted therapy aimed at particular diseases. I'm also hoping gain more experience as a clinician and find out more concerning the various specialties offered at Duke University.

Indiana University

Givonce Brian Otieno: So far it has been great being in Indianapolis and Eskenazi Hospital. Learning a new system of clerkship has been amazing. I am hoping I’ll be able to appreciate the use of imaging in diagnosis, particularly colonoscopy.

Alvin Kimutai: I would like to broaden my thinking, skills and perspective about dentistry, majorly in operative dentistry.

Maureen Cherotich Koskei: I hope to improve my patient communication skills and relations, observe a colonoscopy and diversify my knowledge of different medical conditions in the US and the different approaches to medical care.

Apill Ogowe: This golden opportunity to observe medicine in the US will hopefully equip me with a newer and excellent approach to patient management considering the infrastructural superiority. I also expect to have a wider exposure to modern diagnostic techniques, different clinical reasoning, as well as clinical skills, particularly suturing.

Halima Ibrahim: I’m hoping to explore the health system and effect what I have learned here when I go back home. I’m also hoping to understand the culture of the western part of the world. In general, I want to learn and experience and become a better person after this.

Emmanuel Kipkoech Lang’at: I look forward to learning a lot about dental core services in the US. I also hope to experience a new wave of dentistry and relate it to the dental sector in Kenya.

Mt. Sinai

Felix Ong’era: I hope to gain knowledge on management of various diseases and conditions and the role of applying technology in medicine.

Celestine Willie: I hope to learn as much as I possibly can about patient care and management of various conditions.

University of Toronto

Rashid Makokha: I am hoping to learn about organization of health service delivery, health team integration, and learning opportunities that I will acquire should I choose to specialize in ob/gyn.

Ronald Kiprotich: To learn the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in this part of the world, interact, exchange ideas, and gain new experiences.