When Rhoda first came to AMPATH in 2011, struggling with HIV and extremely malnourished, she was unable to stand and her fragile body only weighed 65 pounds. AMPATH quickly began Rhoda’s HIV treatment program, but also enrolled her in nutrition support to make sure she always had the food support she needed to recover.


When Rhoda regained her strength, Rhoda immediately shifted her focus to her future and asked her AMPATH physician if he knew of any jobs so that she could begin to support herself. Fortunately, that was the same day AMPATH needed someone to work in our shelter at Mosoriot, where many patients come to us as fragile as Rhoda had been, needing support just to survive.

Today, Rhoda has two important roles: a mother and a shelter hostess. Rhoda’s care prevented mother-to-child HIV transmission when she was pregnant, and he daughter Angel is happy and healthy. She also has become an important figure at the Mosoriot shelter, giving new patients the perspective of someone who’s been on the brink of death and come back fighting. Rhoda has “graduated” countless patients from the shelter, passing on not only knowledge and support, but also genuine hope.


Success Story