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Register Your AMPATH Visit



All visitors with approved travel to AMPATH programs are required to complete the Visitor Information Form to:

• Request a room at IU House;

• Register accompanying travelers;

• Provide travel details and emergency contact information;

• Provide details of non-clinical service or volunteer program or activity;

• Provide details of research project or activity;

• Register for Kenyan medical license (if needed).

You’ll need the following to complete this form*:

• Scanned copy of passport information page(s);

• Your complete travel itinerary including travel within Kenya;

• Kenyan visa document (link to apply for e-visa is included);

• Emergency contact information;

• Travel medical insurance information and insurance card copy.

*If you do not have all of this information, please complete as much of the available information as possible and return to complete the form as soon as additional information is available.


Please contact Ron Pettigrew or Dunya Karama for questions about approval of travel arrangements, room reservations, visas, or medical licenses.

Questions regarding requirements for visiting research trainees should be directed to the AMPATH Research Program Office.